NEW! You asked for it – you got it. Green Valley Creamery Lactose-Free Cheese!!
Thank you for your patience - inventory may be limited while we ramp up production. We are working hard to make all of our delicious cheeses available for shipment by early August.

Lactose-Free Real Dairy Cheese Bars
Shred it, slice it, put it on a cracker


Lactose-Free Real Dairy Sliced Cheese
Melts in your mouth, and on your burger


Lactose-Free Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, Cottage Cheese and Butter
Cultured and creamy, made with a short list of simple ingredients


Lactose-Free Traditional Organic Yogurt
Delightful Creamy Organic Yogurt


Lactose-Free Kefir
Delicious drinkable probiotic yogurt